Little Nook / by Megan Tomino

Drawback #29 of living in Hawai‘i: getting caught-up in your bubble. It's so easy to let life get in the way and let plans you've made fall by the wayside. Worst of all is that our island is SO SMALL-- eliminating all excuses for not taking the time to catch-up with your homies. So, after almost a year of back and forth texts and Instagram convos I was finally able to meet up with my friend and swaggy mama, Jess.

Jess has always been laid back and kind-hearted, and her zen mentality makes parenting look so easy. Her son, Parker is probably the coolest kid at his pre-school. You can find him in the VIP section of The Republik, jamming to the music of live bands booked by his dad, Phil. This little family has the best stories to tell... they recently went to Whistler, choosing snowboarding and adventure over a tentative wedding planning trip to Napa. Win!

For our brunch, I asked Jess to meet me at the 10 month old bistro-- The Nook. This place really lives up to its name; its tiny (20 seats tops with some outdoor seating), cozy, and comfortable. We came on a Tuesday morning and there was no wait. The menu is surprisingly extensive for such a small place. They serve eggs, sweet plates (including papaya ginger pancakes, and matcha mochi waffles, both of which I will be back for), small plates, sandwiches, espresso, french press, teas, and baked goods. It was so difficult to decide what to eat, so we shared three plates.

Malasada Breakfast Sandwich
Fluffy malasada, sliced in half and grilled, stuffed with house made Shinsato pork breakfast sausage and a sunny side up egg.
// It's as indulgent as it sounds. Definitely a must try just to say you ate it.

Hamakua Mushroom Soft Scrambled Eggs
Slightly caramelized mushrooms in a local egg scramble with an arugula salad, and a "savory bread pudding"
// Menu says the scramble is made with three eggs, but it looked more like two.  The savory bread pudding is LIFE CHANGING. It's basically stuffing baked in a ramequin of some sort that gives all sides of the "pudding" a delicious crust. I'll be dreaming about this for a while.

BLT crispy pork belly, arugula, ripe tomatoes, and a spicy aioli on a baguette.
// Sounds basic, but it was delish. Such crispy pork belly. Yummmmmm!

This place serves happy food in a great environment with friendly service (thanks, Matthew). Pair that with good company and hot coffee and I'll never want to leave. In the words of the great Ron Swanson, "give me all the eggs and bacon you have," and keep it coming.


The Nook Neighborhood Bistro
1035 University Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 942-2222