Kan Zaman / by Megan Tomino

pulled mozzarella with zatar

Megs reviewing the menu

When your best friend lands a job at her dream firm in Hawai‘i, you celebrate. After hearing the good news, Megs made dinner reservations at Kan Zaman, the Moroccan / Lebanese restaurant in Chinatown.

The main dining room in Kan Zaman smells how I imagine a spice market in Morocco would smell. It features a brightly colored accent wall with a bold Moroccan-ish pattern, and small tables that fit snugly into little bay windows at the front of the restaurant. The real treat however, is their outside dining area.

We walked through the dining room and past the small but bustling kitchen into the back courtyard. A large gazebo is set with tables for parties of two or six, little icicle lights hang among decorative lamps and the columns are wrapped with colorful streamers. In the far corner, the folk music duo, Due Mandolini played their mandolin and mandola.

House-Pulled Mozzarella
Pulled mozzarella mixed with za'atar spices served with tomato slices and pita bread.
// Delicious spices mixed with cheese, you can't go wrong. Just wish the tomatoes
were a bit more ripe and that the pita was house made!

Chicken Taouk
Marinated and grilled chicken served Lebanese style over rice and tabouleh
with hummus, pita, tahini, and a chopped parsley mixture.
// Moist chicken with great spice and addictive rice and tabouleh.

Lamb Kebab
Shaved spiced lamb served over rice and tabouleh with hummus, pita, tahini and chopped parsley.
// Lamb skewed toward the salty side, but lamb was tender without a gamey flavor. This dish is served with the 
same addictive rice and tabouleh. A slice of lamb, rice, and chopped parsley make the perfect bite.

Moroccan Mint Tea
Hot tea "pulled" table side. Served in a beautiful silver tea pot.
// Sweet, minty and refreshing. Sweetness balances the spices of the meal.

Orange Blossom Water
The meal comes to a close with your waitress drizzling a few drops of orange blossom water in your hands. Rub
your palms together and smell the sweet orange. This small gesture really makes you want to come back for more.

Kan Zaman
1028 Nuuanu Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 554-3847*
*be sure to request outdoor seating when making your reservation!